Last minute information 26.01.2020

Due the COVID - 19 the Diamond Show in China will suspend the performances until further order of the National Government.

We will announce soon the reopening. ( follow last minute information in the  "flash news" page" )

Collaboration between"La Gondola Rossa" cast in the photo shooting promotion and the wedding halls of Chinese tourist complex.


La Gondola Rossa Group


One more year, the spectacular luxury hotel Diamond in which is located the 

'Diamond Theater" near the Chinese city  Changxing, trust on La Gondola Rossa for consulting and managing all the  international artistic cast, composed with more than 60 dancers and artists from 20 nationalities of the 5 continents.


"La Gondola Rossa Group" 



is responsible for the management and organization of staff

Longemont Paradise  as the one of largest Zoo and Safari in Asia, located in the Chinese province of Zhejiang and trust in La Gondola Rossa for organizing and managing  all the artistic cast.


"La Gondola Rossa Group" 



We are proud to collaborate and be part of this important and amazing project! The largest stable circus in the world in China, with a capacity of over 10,000 locations.

La Gondola Rossa Group will provide services of management and colsulting Longemont Circus.





"La Gondola Rossa Group" and all  "Diamond Dream" cast, wish a "Happy Chinese New Year" 2019 

La Gondola Rossa Group

Costumes and props are ready for the "Diamond Dream" premiere!

                       Date 15/10/2018

During the second consecutive year Johny Cognetti trusts us and renews his collaboration with our company, thank you!

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Open house day with all the cast at "Diamond Dream Theater". Date 25/01/2019

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"La Gondola Rossa"  and Dream Diamond Cast at the Shanghai exhibition fair (China), promoting the new Show "Diamond Dream"     Date 20/12/2018

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Proud to announce that "Elena Aurora" will be working at the "Köln Weihnachtscircus" in Germany. "Good luck Elena".      Date 20/11/2018

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