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   La Gondola Rossa

             Founded by the Bañuelos Brothers  

The Bañuelos Brothers come from one of the oldest and most prestigious circus artists and entrepreneurs from Spain family sagas. From very young his father instilled the idea of ​​hard work, sacrifice and discipline as a means to achieve their goals, whether in the entertainment world, in business or elsewhere. Something the brothers were able to observe over the years as true, having been in direct contact with artists and businessman from different countries and continents.

After several years of organizing successful shows separately, even uninterested for Foundations, decide to join forces and accumulated experience to create the event production agency 

"La Gondola Rossa". 

La Gondola Rossa Agency was founded in 2001 in Spain, gradually and through hard work and dedication we expand worldwide and our agency grew to become La Gondola Rossa Group,

a company with offices in Spain, Italy and since 2017 also in China, we cover different branches of the show business; consulting company, representation, creation of private events or new concepts of shows where we manage the creation from minute zero creating scripts, choreographies, casting, decoration, employee management, etc.


 Bañuelos Brothers

 Alejandro & Isabel


Alejandro Bañuelos 

Co-founder, CEO  of "La Gondola Rossa".

Dir. Artistic Dept.

Maurizio Bortolussi
Dir. & Manager Dept.

Isabel Bañuelos 

Co-founder of "La Gondola Rossa".


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