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Welcome to La Gondola Rossa

Artistic and Performance Representation


La Gondola Rossa is at the forefront of managing an eclectic mix of performers, including circus artists, acrobats, and dancers. Our agency specializes in nurturing these talents, providing robust support in contract management, event organization, and the creative development of unique shows. Our aim is to foster the growth and success of our artists in the dynamic world of performance arts.

  • Our Team: Experts in the Performing Arts

Our team consists of seasoned professionals deeply rooted in the performing arts sector. Comprising agents and advisors, we are dedicated to ensuring that our artists receive the right opportunities and exposure to thrive in their craft.

  • Our Artists: A Rich Tapestry of Diverse Talents

We represent a wide array of performers, each bringing their unique artistic flair to the stage. From the enchanting skills of circus artists and the daring feats of acrobats to the expressive movements of dancers, our roster showcases diverse, top-tier talent. We take pride in supporting the creation of original and captivating shows.

  • Conclusion: Nurturing Your Artistic Journey

At La Gondola Rossa, the accomplishments of our artists resonate as our collective success. We are wholeheartedly committed to providing them with the support and resources necessary to bring their artistic visions to life. Our shared goal is to push the boundaries in the world of performance art, crafting unforgettable shows that captivate and inspire audiences.

  • Contact Us

For more details or to arrange a meeting, please don't hesitate to reach out to us:

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