La Gondola Rossa Group                    Founded by the Bañuelos Brothers  


In "La Gondola Rossa Group" we can create,organize and develop successful shows, like the last and spectacular Dinner Show in China; "Diamond Dream", formed by more than 60 dancers, acrobats and artists of 20  different nationalities .

Don´t matter if you are a Company, Dancer, Singer or a Circus Artist,  we want to be your consulting and management company.

¡"La Gondola Rossa Group" a new way of management!

      La Gondola Rossa Group                              

The Bañuelos Brothers come from one of the oldest and most prestigious circus artists and entrepreneurs from Spain family sagas. From very young his father instilled the idea of ​​hard work, sacrifice and discipline...   

   La Gondola Rossa Group

Has the privilege of having some of the most recognized and respected artists in the world in various disciplines: “Hand to hand”, “Clowns”, “Acrobats”...many of them awarded in the most prestigious circus festivals....


   In La Gondola Rossa Group

We understand that shows, street animation and entertainment, should be a complement (almost or more important than attractions) of the wide variety of services that an Amusement Park must offer...

International Diamond Dinner Show Cast

"La Gondola Rossa Group" 

Once again, the spectacular luxury hotel  Diamond near the Chinese city of Shanghai, trust in us  for its the consulting and management of a large international artistic cast, composed with more than 60 dancers and artists from 20 nationalities of the 5 continents.


La Gondola Rossa Group

Send us your inquires or promotional information, every month new auditions and Castings for Dancers, Circus Acts, Vocalists, Musicians,      extreme sports.

Jobs at variete shows, Theme Parks, circus programs, Festivals, etc...

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