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Seeking talented artists for your upcoming project?

At La Gondola Rossa Group, we stand as the foremost portal into the enthralling world of entertainment. Our firm dedication as a representation agency lies in our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We take immense pride in representing an eclectic mix of extraordinary talents, ranging from seasoned dancers and vocal virtuosos to the daring thrill of tightrope walkers, acrobats who defy gravity, and clowns who blend humor with artistry. Our mission is to showcase this unparalleled talent on a global platform, transforming ordinary events into spectacles of wonder and excitement.



Find out what we can do for you.

Strategic Career Guidance

Navigate the entertainment industry with confidence. Our artist management team provides personalized career guidance, helping circus artists, dancers, and singers make strategic decisions that align with their artistic vision and professional goals.

Premium Representation

Elevate your profile with our premium representation services. We leverage our extensive network to secure high-profile opportunities, ensuring our clients gain exposure and recognition on both national and international stages.

Customized Growth

Foster continuous growth with personalized development plans. Our management solutions are crafted to enhance skills, expand portfolios, and position our artists for long-term success in a competitive industry.

Seamless Project Coordination

Experience stress-free project management. From coordinating live shows to overseeing intricate productions, our team handles the logistics, allowing artists to focus on their craft while we ensure the success of each project.

Valery M, UC

Patricia Cadima, PT

"Working with the Bañuelos brothers has been an exceptional experience. Their management expertise is truly outstanding, and I can't help but praise their excellence in every aspect."

"This company is exceptional—attentive, supportive, and highly responsible. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with them. 100% recommended."

Dimitry, RU

I would like to commend the agency La Gondola Rossa for their exceptional work in managing my contract. Their professionalism and efficiency were truly commendable. Well done to the team!






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