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Great success for the Enkhtur group at the @bonnerweihnachtszirkus 2023!We wish you the best success and may our cooperation continue for many more years.💯

Dear circus fans,

The Bonner Weihnachtscircus is back and presents itself in its 16th edition more diverse than ever! From December 15th to January 2nd, circus enthusiasts can enjoy an impressive live entertainment for both young and old. For an entire year, captivating acts were sought worldwide, many of which will be performing in the beautiful federal city for the first time.

The program offers breathtaking acrobatics, rapid Western juggling, adorable animal training, proud horse marches under the guidance of Louis Knie Jr., and much more. Special highlights include the adrenaline-filled stunts of the BMX-Riders, who regularly defy gravity with spectacular tricks and jumps, leaving the audience in awe.

This year's star clown, Totti Alexis, ensures first-class laughter and proves to be a master of comedy. The Kingdom Palace, our new circus tent city, shines festively for the first time on the Pützchens Marktwiesen. Ample parking is available, and the pre-sale is in full swing. Christmas can come – experience magical moments under the beautifully decorated circus dome!

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